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West Coast Micro Greens Inc - finalists in Smart South Island's "OPEN INNOVATION CHALLENGE"

We are proud to announce that our very own , Ty James , CEO of West Coast Micro Greens Inc is one of the 10 finalists in the "OPEN INNOVATION CHALLENGE" . It is a project of Victoria – The South Island Prosperity Project (SIPP).

Our project is the South Island Food Processing and Distribution Facility. We’re focussing on innovation to bring fresh local fruits and vegetables to our tables. It’s a challenge as our local farmers are facing competition from off the Island, nationally and internationally, leading to very serious issues of sustainability.

The Open Innovation Challenge is an opportunity for us present smarter more sustainable solutions relating to climate, environment and sustainability.”

This challenge, encourages citizens to create ‘smart’ solutions for economic growth challenges and opportunities. These ideas can make the South Island a smarter, more liveable and sustainable place and are part of Smart South Island – a region-wide collaboration of stakeholders and local governments.

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