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Saanich company hits the jackpot with container design.

Great meeting from this spring right at the start of a very busy growing season! It was an excellent opportunity to connect with Linda from CRFAIR to discuss improving Vancouver Island food security and our amazing systems for growing abundantly in an urban setting. Our company has expanded on, and tested our amazing container design and systems on our Saanich farm and we hope to continue to share our technology on an international stage! Excerpts from ;

There is a little company that is taking flight here in Saanich that has the potential to revolutionize food growing right, and also internationally. It’s called West Coast Microgreens, and I had the chance to go and visit Ty James, the president and CEO, to see his operation in action just off Interurban Road.

James has turned about a half acre of land into a highly productive farm in just over a year. Even though it was early in the spring, there was already a significant crop of greens growing in his beds and greenhouse. I was interested to see firsthand their patented “Jackpot” cloth bag container system that is the signature of the business. The name is an indicator of the payoff that growers might hit from using the product and their farming system.

Read more here. Email us today at if you are interested in starting an urban farming project in your city and we will provide you with the tools that you need to succeed!

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